• 8 months ago

    Hepatitis C Viral Load clarification

    I went through treatment with Harvoni last year and was cleared undetectable. We think I was reinfected by a razor blade I had used while infected. My viral load at onset of reinfection was 6.17 l 2 +, They thought it was maybe clearing as it was to low to get a genotype. 6 months later my test comes back even lower at 1.16 l 1+, they tell me again my body is clearing the virus and if In 6 months if it is the same or lower that is good enough and although it's not completely undetected it will not cause me further damage and unless I was in the medical profession it does not need to be treated. I am not sure what to think. Is this good enough and maybe not undetectable but still great news. I am not sure whether to be happy or cry thank you