• 8 months ago

    RE: Hep C

    Studies show a Hep C is NOT passed to others thru sexual intercourse. At the same time, condoms are recommended for couples where one partner has the hep C dx.

    From a personal standpoint, I can tell you that 7 years ago my husband of 27(at the time)yrs found out he had hep C after a physical for extra life insurance. He waited almost 2 weeks to tell me!

    We were out of town for a dear friend's daughter's wedding. It was an amazing resort and I couldn't understand WHY my husband was behaving so strangely. Finally, the morning of the wedding, he decides to tell me. I was speechless. And devastated. And pissed. Why would you wait 2 weeks to tell me????

    He had the letter he'd received from the insurance co in his bag. It basically said they regretted to inform they "couldn't cover him due to his hepatitis status.". I wanted to know if he'd seen a Dr, made an appt....what. The letter didn't say what type of hepatitis he had!! I was incredulous that someone so intelligent could be so incredibly stupid. And selfish.

    The following Monday, I made sure we were at our PCP docs office first thing for testing. Mine came back negative, which I had a hard time believing. Why? I remembered when we first got together we pricked our fingers, pressed the fingers together & made some sort of corny promise to each other. Our sex life was.....passionate. We'd lived together already 20 plus years. I know I'd borrowed his razer and prob even his toothbrush a time or two.

    I cried and mourned the death of such a wonderful sex life. I mean, we still "do" it but something definitely changed for me. I could wrote a book. Anyway. So far I've turned up negative so that should make you feel better. Same time, why haven't you been tested????