• over 1 year ago

    Got known Hepatitis C blood all over my hands

    My grandmother got hcv through a blood transfusion. She is blind, and was rummaging through a travel bag when she accidentally cut herself deep on a razor. I had to treat her wound and got blood all over my hands. I washed my hands with soap, but i kept on getting on my hands as I was treating her. I had forgotten that she had hep c, and didn't realize how hardy the virus was, and that it should be cleaned with bleach. I didn't use bleach until an hour later. Blood got over a significant area of my hand, and I had a torn cuticle on my finger. I'm not sure what all I've touched, or scratched, but I want to know how high of a risk I carry, and what steps I should follow from here on out, since i'm not sure where all I had touched.