• over 1 year ago

    Hep C Genotype 4 info

    Hello Everyone,
    I was diagnosed with Hep C Genotype 4 in 1995. I was told that I have a RARE EUROPEAN Strain. I then proceeded to ignore it until very recently.
    The very 1st thing I learned was that Genotype 4is not RARE or a EUROPEAN STRAIN. its more prevalent in Egypt so calling it a RARE EGYPTIAN STRAIN would be more correct.
    What I find EXTREMELY PUZZLING is that I managed to contract anything considered RARE or EGYPTIAN since the reason I was exposed to Hep C was by being a Heroin addict of the most ordinary type. Nothing special or unique about me at all.
    It reminds me of my cat. His name is Sausage and I adopted him and he brother Dude 2 years ago.
    Dude is a grey Tabby and that's very common but Sausage is a Calico. A MALE Calico and that's very RARE indeed.
    Our vet says that in her 20 + years of experience Sausage is the first she has ever seen. That's pretty darn rare.
    About as unusual as Genotype 4 I think.
    If anyone wants to know absolutely anything about Calico's or cats (of any color) then I'm your girl. I know A LOT about cats.
    But... if ANYONE can tell me ANYTHING about Hep C Genotype 4 specifically I'd be very grateful. I know next to nothing about that.
    Well, THANKS for your time.