• over 1 year ago

    Dental infection control concerns

    I was watching my son have a root canal and an assistant from another room took the 'filling paste' syringe and ran down the hall - obviously to another patient. She returned soon after and they replaced the applicator at the top of the syringe before applying the paste to my son's tooth. this is concerning enough and I wasn't quick enough to pull them up on it but did afterwards and the dentist admitted it was wrong and in response and to try to make me feel better he then went down the hall and argued with the other dentist (we are in China and I could not understand what they were saying) then came back and pulled up the other patient's information on the computer and explained to me this was a child & hence low risk. By this time I was in shock and could not believe what I was seeing and hearing. I am now concerned that they may have re-used lidocaine vials that are meant to be only for one patient. What if they used the same needle twice for one patient and invected the vial then used it on my son? What to test for and how long to wait? The clinic looked clean and everything that was re-usable looked like it was packaged as if it had been autoclaved. Four days post this he has a sore throat :(