• over 1 year ago

    Hep b diagnosis

    Hello, I have a question about my hep b serology results. I was under the impression I have a chronic infection, I was told this around 6 years ago. I had a blood test done a couple of days ago and the results are confusing to me as they indicate that I am immune and that I have cleared a past infection.

    I’m wondering if the original diagnosis oh chronic hep b was incorrect, when I was diagnosed with chronic hep b I don’t think I had actually had hep long enough to clear it.

    I have also read that the body sometimes takes longer than the standard 6 months to clear.

    HBsAg: negative
    HBsAb: 140 IU/L
    HBcAb: positive

    I have done research into the interpretation of
    These results and I’m lead to believe that the presence of HBsAb and a negative HBsAg shows I am immune and that I cannot infect others with the disease, is this correct?

    My doctor also said I was immune and that I likely cannot transmit the infection to another person. If this is so am I cured of the disease?

    One last question, can a chronic hep b sufferer, have a positive HBsAb ? I thought this is only present when the body has created surface anti bodies and the disease has been recovered from, is this correct?

    Thanks for reading, and help will be much appreciated.