• 6 months ago

    RE: hep c info

    So much better for this to happen now than 20 years ago! Lots of treatment options these days and you may not need any treatment at all. There's no generic answer to your question because most people have no symptoms for 25-30 years and don't suffer any liver damage. Other people (sadly, like me) have the opposite experience, but end up healthy in the long run (happily, like me!) . Your doc can tell you more about the type of Hep C you have and that will indicate a great deal about treatment if you need it. Good luck and try not to see yourself in every unhappy story:) . Until then, eat well (carb-rich, dense protenin light diet), get decent sleep, rest if you feel fatigued, get exercise and take it one day at a time. This is NOT a death sentence!