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  • 20 days ago

    Could Too Much 'Good' HDL Cholesterol Be Bad for You?

    When it comes to protecting one's heart, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol -- or HDL -- has long had a reputation of being the "good" cholesterol, compared to the "bad" cholesterol -- LDL (low-density lipoprotein). But new research suggests that there could be too much of a "good" thing. Read more:
  • 23 days ago

    Heart Racing/bp spikes

    Hello All This is my first time posting so plz bare with me. It is 1:49 am and I cant sleep. In the middle of the night my bp goes up to an awful number. Tonight it was 149/100 And my pulse is 100. I have never ever / never ever had blood pressure problems before until I started menopause. My husband has rushed me to the ER in the middle of the night at least 15 times. All the Drs says is that they don't see anything and the EKG is fine in which I'm Greatful for. But this is so scary to wake....
  • 1 month ago

    Weird feeling heart, not sure what to do.

    Hi there. I am just asking if this would be a situation to go into the doctor about or what I should do. A little background is that both of my parents have atrial fibrillation, not sure if this is the same thing. A little bit a go I was just sitting on the couch and felt my heart racing like crazy and I felt a little off, so I checked my pulse and it was 125 and I thought that was odd so I took a drink of water and then started to feel light headed and weird and checked my pulse again and it was....
  • 1 month ago

    BP and Heart Rate high

    I was diagnosed with hypertension about two months ago. At first I was Lisinopril which I had to stop because of the awful cough I developed. Then I was prescribed Irbesartan which made me have flu like symptoms and a heart of around 125. Currently, as of 6 days ago, I am taking Metoprolol ER 25mg and Norvasc 10mg (both once a day) and neither seem to be doing anything. My BP is bouncing anywhere between 160/99 and 140/85 and my heart rate anywhere from 100 - 120. I’m also having sharp chest pains....
  • 1 month ago

    high blood pressure meds contra-indication and side effects

    I have chronic afib and also take meds for high blood pressure. REcently was put on clonidine and am taking atenolol. Since combining these two (also take Losartan and a water pill), I have gotten soooo lightheaded. In reading about side effects--I'm learning clonidine and atenolol should not be taken together due to serious side effects especially with seniors over 65. I have been seriously lightheaded, some nausea and feel like I need to sleep and then have trouble sleeping at night when napping....
  • 1 month ago

    Very High Blood Pressure

    I am a 30 yr old female with very high blood pressure readings. Was diagnosed at the age of 21 and had been able to control (after one good reading) my blood pressure with diet and weight loss- I have lost close to 90lbs to date. I avoided medication throughout the years, and usually would avoid measuring my pressures as well. Recently, since hitting 30 (a month ago), I have decided to go back to doing normal follow ups for this condition, and lo and behold, blood pressure was extremely high - 189....
  • 1 month ago

    Husband bp 290/250!

    Last week l had my cousin who is a nurse practitioner check my husbands blood pressure. Over the past 2 years his pressure has been steadily rising from 180/120 unmedicated to 206/136 now it's 290/250. She immediately administered intravenous Labetalol up to 300mg. At the emergency room his pressure was monitored using a arterial line. The highest reading was 375/305! When the arterial line was removed the blood shot across the room! I'm worried
  • 2 months ago

    It has to do with my right leg pain I get.

    Two weeks ago After I had dinner with a couple friends I was getting ready to exit a mall and my right leg at the back area the calf had unbearable pain in it going up my leg it caused me to cry out loud.
  • 2 months ago

    Pain medication options with high blood pressure

    Hello, A little history on my condition. I currently have sever spinal stenosis to the point im starting to lose control of my bladder with sever lower back pain, leg pain and leg cramps. I currently can really only walk for 75 yards or so without having to stop and bend over to help reduce the pain and get my legs back under control. Due to this problem and with the non availability of opioid pain medication I have been forced to take Advil and Tylenol at a rate of 6 Advil and 2 extra strengthen....
  • 2 months ago

    Extremely high bp

    I am a 38-year-old female diagnosed with Stage 4 hypertension in 22010.I am a former professional bodybuilder now running my own gym. My pressure without meds runs around 270/210. Last week l noticed that the veins in my forearms became much more distended than usual. I am wondering if an increase in my blood pressure would cause my veins to protrude excessively. I currently take Lexxel, Vasotec, Metoprolol and Lisinopril but my pressure is still high at 152/108.