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  • 13 days ago

    Cardiac Advise

    My husband got his test results back and has to have angioplasty done on his right and left iliac arteries one is 85% blocked and the other is 50%. But with the same test they found he had a 75% blockage in his Right Renal Artery and his dr told us that because he is not on blood pressure medications that they weren't going to do anything about this that it was nothing to worry about. And I am thinking this dr is very wrong! With a 75% blockage I believe he should be getting something done am....
  • 27 days ago

    Irregular Heartbeat and Burping

    I started feeling irregular heartbeat where it feels like my heart skips a beat. I feel it from my my stomach in the diaphragm area and to my throat. This started recently and it seems to be occurring more often between 9am to 1pm or after eating. When it happens, i have gas builds up and have to burp. It is lasting for long minutes or even hours. I had an episode where I went to ER and got EKG, blood work, and blood pressure. All results came out normal. It is now becoming an issue in my daily life....
  • 2 months ago

    Heart Rate drops suddenly at night

    I am 54, Male, a bit overweight, desk job, well-managed hypertension. I use sleepmatic and an apple watch to monitor my sleep. I don't have any specific symptoms, but I noticed that occasionally, my sleeping heart rate will drop from where it normally is, between 75-60, down to 40-42. It's only happened a few times in the last 3-4 weeks. It only lasts for a few minutes. I don't notice it... it doesn't wake me up or anything. It -could- actually be a problem in the watch, but I can't....
  • 2 months ago

    Impact of Consumer-Driven Insurance

    Introduction Public assistance, whether state of federal was created with the intentions of providing access to healthcare to those who will have a difficult time finding private insurance outside of their employer. Throughout the years there have been plenty of abuse in unnecessary hospital visits, or visits to the hospital or doctor’s office for miniscule health concerns. To combat these types of visits, the United States have implemented a law called the Consumer-Driven health plan. Thomas Beaton....
  • 3 months ago

    After open heart surgery

    I had open heart surgery about a year ago and now I am feeling my rib bones rub up against each other. They sometimes get painful. And I have to hold a pillow when I cough. Has this happened to other people?
  • 3 months ago

    Peak heart rate while exercising, otherwise healthy

    I am female, 43, pretty healthy (need to shed about 5 extra lbs), exercise regularly. My blood pressure is normal, as is my cholesterol. When I exercise (I do kickboxing intervals and running), my heart rate reaches peak exercise very quickly (like within a few minutes) and I operate around 189 bpm unless I slow down to walking speed. My rate goes down very quickly, as well, which I understand can be interpreted as a positive. I just worry that I might actually be harming myself, though I have no....
  • 4 months ago

    Pronounced fatigue post Aorta valve replacement

    My 87 year old father underwent a TAVR procedure on June 21st... It was to have been an overnight stay in the hospital after the TAVR procedure but there were complications... While removing the old and calcified aortic valve there was a rush of blood that came through and the guide wire the surgeons were using bounced around uncontrolled and nicked a hole in his heart... He was taken to open heart surgery on the spot to stop the bleeding... The surgeons were successful in stopping the bleeding and....
  • 4 months ago

    Holter results and Long QT?

    So, recently i felt my heart slowing down at times, especially when thinking about stuff that made me nervous so i decided to go to the doctor and do some tests. I did an EKG and the doctor decided that i should have a holter on for a day. I kept it for a day, the doctor read the results and said that she could not see any anomaly and everything is fine. When i came home and looked at the holter results, i saw that my QT interval read Average:357ms Min:309ms and Max:520ms and the QTc reads: Average....
  • 4 months ago

    Sleep Shocks, Extremely High BP, Clammy Skin, Chills

    Hi. I am a 57 year old male. I drink 1 pint of Bourbon a night. My BP (even after Clonodine, Losartin, Water Pills (?), and Norvask?) hovers around 190/110. Over the past ten years, I have had increasingly bizarre sleep disorders... I know I am going to sound weird, but here is what transpired: First, there was a "buzzing feeling" in my nose as I fell to sleep. Next, it progressed to a "electric shock" in my forehead. Then, a SEVERE shocking feeling, lifting my body from the bed....
  • 4 months ago

    Heart Issue/Severe Headaches

    I had a TIA just over a year ago. I also have a murmur or hole in my heart. I take metoprolol 50mg 2 times a day. 3 weeks back I had a episode where my chest hurt, tightness & pressure so I took a nitroglycerin tablet. Pain went away. For the past 2 weeks, I have had severe headaches, no relief & constant. I had talent ibuprofen 600/800 & all other kinds medicine with no relief. Went to local doctor she said sinus infection 5 days later I was in ER with pain I just couldn’t take anymore....