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  • 5 days ago

    Personality change after heart attack

    Today marks 1 year since my dad had a heart attack...He had the angiogram and he had 99% blockage in the "widowmaker"! They said he is lucky to be alive...he had just turned 60. His personality made a 360...he became angry, short tempered,extremely forgetful, no motivation, tired essily,argumentative, secretive! I work for my dad and I have managed the company for 10 years. I was to continue to run the business with my brother in his demise. ..7 months after the heart attack we find out....
  • 5 days ago

    Got shocked by my dryer

    I got shocked while opening up my dryer door today. I had immediate pain in my arm and it went numb, followed by a horrible head ache and chest pain. It is now 4 hours later and I still feel really bad. Should I get checked out or will I be ok with rest?
  • 6 days ago

    Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy

    I found out 4 years ago that I have this genetic condition and dr. has put me on Beta blocker tablets. I would like to know will it damage more if I don't take tablet and manage my situation by not raising my heartbeat with any kind of cardio or hill walk.
  • Low cholesterol HDL

    Hello guys, recently had some blood work done. The doctors nurse called me today while I was at work and told me that my cholesterol HDL I think that’s the name was low at 44 and said I needed to do aerobics! I’m very fit and very active so I already do aerobics. I read on this and i saw that doing a low carb high fat diet will help elavate your Cholesterol. How low should I go for carbs and how high for fats?? I’ve gained about 10lbs and need my health to be better. Thanks in advanced
  • Question about a heart attack

    Would you call a person had chest pains, shortness of breath, sweating, pain in left arm, tightness in jaw, nausea, abnormal EKG, elevated enzymes and a 70% blockage which required surgery and a stent being placed as having a heart attack?
  • 7 days ago

    Feeling weird

    Hi I'm 24 years old taking 50 mg losartin for my blood pressure lately for the past couple of days I've been feeling weird my left side of the jaw,back,and arm I've been to the doctor a couple of weeks ago blood pressure was 120/78 I have anxiety can that be the problem?
  • 8 days ago


    Hello, I am 21 year old male, history of light smoking and drinking, and active lifestyle with cardio/weights 4 nights a week. This week I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure after being admitted into the hospital from my GP. I had been to the GP for what I thought to be asthma symptoms and upper abdomen pain, shallow breathing and hyperventilating. With a resting heart rate of 165bpm and a blood sugar level of 2.2,after a series of ECHOs, MRIs, X-rays and ultrasounds it was apparent that....
  • 9 days ago

    Can't get off propranolol; legitimately in fear for my life. Can't see doctor again for a month. HELP!

    I have been using 60mg of propranolol for anxiety for 5months and I want to wean off due the side effects of this medication. Whenever I lower my dose I feel terrible (restless, headaches,nausea) and even weeks of committing to the new dose of 50mg my body WON'T adjust, I've had to drop out of a four year bachelors program for nursing and quit my day job because I literally can't function while withdrawing . A cardiologist suggested I cold turkey propranolol while switching to metoprolol....
  • 9 days ago

    irregular heartbeat

    Have had problem with irregular heartbeat since childhood. It only happens when I eat hard to digest foods, normally several hours pass or even 1 day, and they enter my intestinal system. Irregular heartbeat can last for just a few seconds or up to numerous hours. A cardiologist in Chester SC told me I have tachacardia and put me on diltiazem and amiodarone. Being as how this only happens after eating hard to digest foods even with the medications, I am beginning to wonder if it`s an intestinal problem....
  • 11 days ago

    Heart problems or anxiety?

    I am 35 years old. I stopped smoking in February of this year when I found out I was pregnant. I smoked for a little over 10 years. By the end of April, my pregnancy failed and I had lost so much blood I had to be hospitalized and given a D and C. Since then, I have been diagnosed with anxiety and panic disorder. I feel chest pain and I get winded much easier than I used to. I had a normal EKG and a negative chest x-ray, but I am still worried that something is wrong with my heart. I never had symptoms....