• 11 days ago

    Can someone in the know about hospitals help me understand?

    My brother is 41 years old and just had his second heart attack. I and the rest of his family are out of state so it is just him and his wife in hospital. She has mentioned he will be consulting with a Psychiatrist, a Social Worker and has a Patient Advocate. Why would he need these? According to her they have been managing his health and his GP is happy with his health as it stands. Yes, he is overweight, yes, there is a history of high blood pressure in the family, yes, he is prediabetic, but supposedly they have those under control. And yet he had two blockages and required two stents put in. But what are the aforementioned staff members there to deal with? Is there something about his condition we aren't hearing about? His wife seems to be guiding us to talking through her, she will let us videochat via her phone but we can only text his and "he may not answer right away". I am very worried for my brother, please help!