• 19 days ago

    Pronounced fatigue post Aorta valve replacement

    My 87 year old father underwent a TAVR procedure on June 21st... It was to have been an overnight stay in the hospital after the TAVR procedure but there were complications... While removing the old and calcified aortic valve there was a rush of blood that came through and the guide wire the surgeons were using bounced around uncontrolled and nicked a hole in his heart... He was taken to open heart surgery on the spot to stop the bleeding... The surgeons were successful in stopping the bleeding and my father began the long road to recovery.. He had just successfully gone through cardiac rehab and was home less than a week when apparently an old appendectomy surgical site resurfaced in the form a complete bowel obstruction from scar tissue... He successfully then went through bowel obstruction surgery to remove the old scar tissue.. He has been home for roughly three weeks after that hospitalization and just can't get away from very significant fatigue.. The most simple of things walking to the end of the hallway for example just wear him out... Doctors say just give it more time that at 87 years of age and two major surgeries it will just take time... What have been others experiences? Medications largely unchanged.. Went from Coumadin to Eloquis..