• 26 days ago

    Holter results and Long QT?

    So, recently i felt my heart slowing down at times, especially when thinking about stuff that made me nervous so i decided to go to the doctor and do some tests. I did an EKG and the doctor decided that i should have a holter on for a day. I kept it for a day, the doctor read the results and said that she could not see any anomaly and everything is fine. When i came home and looked at the holter results, i saw that my QT interval read Average:357ms Min:309ms and Max:520ms and the QTc reads: Average:401ms Min:356ms and Max: 563ms. I got really scared when i read this and did some research and did not find anything conclusive so i decided to write here. I should mention that i had a holter 2 years ago too and it was pretty much the same. I am a hypochondric so i get scared about everything health related so i had a lot of heart tests done over the 3-4 years including 3 heart echos, 2 holters as mentioned above and a lot of EKG's. Everything came back as normal, only the holter that i had 2 years ago read some extra systoles but the doctor attributed them to me growing up and having hormonal changes and i don't have them anymore. Should i worry?