• 1 month ago

    Palpitations and Racing Heart

    I am a 59 y/o female who was diagnosed with SVT. I have been having palpitations/skipped beats for several years. I've had holter monitors, event monitors, stress test, labs, etc, which is how I was diagnosed with SVT. Last year I had a episode which resulted in a HR of 190 bpm. I was taken to hospital by ambulance. The EMT's administered Adenosine. I was put on Metoprolol which I have been on for the year. I continue to have palpitations, usually daily and several times a day. When I had my major episode last year, it started as what's been called benign SVT. Anytime I have palpitations, it feels my heart wants to take off again, however, luckily it hasn't gone that far. I was told I have an electrical issue which may result in needing an ablation. I have been told even with the ablation, the palpitations will continue, the procedure may only stop the electrical path from creating the fast heart rate. I have been told the SVT's are not of concern, however many articles I read state otherwise.

    I have been seeing my cardiologist and PCP for many years. I have even spoken to a specialist. When I tell them what happens when I'm having the palpitations, I'm sometimes met with odd looks or at least the Dr. not understanding as though I'm the only person who experiences my symptoms.

    My question, or questions, are this:

    *Does anyone experience the need to burp when having palpitations? I don't feel a heartburn, however just prior to the palpitations and through the episode I burp constantly. It sometimes helps to burp but it almost seems part pf the palpitations.

    *Does anyone experience palpitations from certain positions. Mine can happen at anytime, however it seems they are more prevalent when I'm sitting, squatting, bending over. I've also noticed they can happen when I eat.

    My way of life has changed due to these experiences. I was never a fast eater, however I've slowed way down in hopes of preventing an episode. I also used to sleep on my side which I have done all my life. Since the palpitations I can only sleep on my back. If I turn on my side this position can also bring on the palpitations. I've always been on the healthy side so to have my lifestyle diminish due to fears of bringing on a major episode as last year, is frustrating not to mention scary.

    Has, or does, anyone experience any of the symptoms I have described? I've tried so many times to get my dr's a better understanding of what happens however as I've stated I'm met with looks of confusion. Thank you for any input you may have.