• 1 month ago

    Strange symptoms no answers and scared

    So I’m in my late 30s. And last week along with this week I had two separate incidents of severe chest pain into my left arm paired with rapid heart rate and the feeling that I was going to pass out. Both times I went to the ER and both times all tests came back negative for heart issues. I am still getting random stabbing pains in my chest and into my left arm but these are not paired with the rapid heart rate.
    Additionally about 11 mos ago I had an epidural placed on a vein. They put a test dose in and it caused sensations very similar to what I felt these two times. It is my understanding if it had not been a test dose, I would have went into cardiac arrest.
    The drs keep saying that it is probably just anxiety but I know my body and something isn’t right. Any insight would be much appreciated.