• 10 months ago

    Peak heart rate while exercising, otherwise healthy

    I am female, 43, pretty healthy (need to shed about 5 extra lbs), exercise regularly. My blood pressure is normal, as is my cholesterol. When I exercise (I do kickboxing intervals and running), my heart rate reaches peak exercise very quickly (like within a few minutes) and I operate around 189 bpm unless I slow down to walking speed. My rate goes down very quickly, as well, which I understand can be interpreted as a positive. I just worry that I might actually be harming myself, though I have no symptoms such as arrhythmia, lightheadedness, etc.


  • 9 months ago

    RE: Peak heart rate while exercising, otherwise healthy

    sounds pretty normal to me, but that heart rate is pretty fast. I an a 58 180 lb year old male and I work out regularly but the highest I've seen my heart rate go on the treadmill running is around 165. Maybe that's okay if you have a smaller frame though. the lack of symptoms bodes well too--make sure you are measuring your blood pressure too.