• 8 months ago

    Sleep Shocks, Extremely High BP, Clammy Skin, Chills

    I am a 57 year old male. I drink 1 pint of Bourbon a night.
    My BP (even after Clonodine, Losartin, Water Pills (?), and Norvask?) hovers around 190/110.
    Over the past ten years, I have had increasingly bizarre sleep disorders...
    I know I am going to sound weird, but here is what transpired:
    First, there was a "buzzing feeling" in my nose as I fell to sleep.
    Next, it progressed to a "electric shock" in my forehead.
    Then, a SEVERE shocking feeling, lifting my body from the bed.
    Now, it feels as if my entire body is electrocuted, and a color like a red or green "spot" appears with the shock...
    Today, I was both "out of my BP medicine", AND I had not eaten in 18 hours.
    While waiting on a coustomer, suddenly, my hair stood on straight end, I got Chills, I got EXTREMELY Clammy, I started to (Semi-Violently) Shake, and my Speech was so Shaky that it sounded like I was shivering...
    All the while, I felt fine.
    The Boss got my BP meds and made me eat several packs of crackers, and after an hour, I felt better...
    So, is it BP, Sugar, or Nothing at All?
    Thank You.