• 19 days ago

    Heart Pain from Work Stress

    I'm a 23-year-old whose been healthy my whole life. I weight train 3-4 times a week and used to be an endurance athlete (competed in over fifty long-distance races).

    I graduated college about six months ago and started a job one month later. Work's really competitive (it's an outreach/sales job) and the stress I'm under is really, really high.

    After a month or two I started having a heart time sleeping and my anxiety went through the roof, so I started taking Celexa to help with that. I had taken it before for about a year and never saw any side-effects.

    Anyway, so two months ago I started having very sharp chest pains that would make me double over in pain. These episodes would last maybe 30-60 seconds and then the pain would vanish.

    This happened maybe once a week for a month before I saw a doctor. I woke up one morning and when I got out of bed my heart hurt very badly for several hours.

    After a visit to the emergency room I was told it was probably stress related and was put on two different anti-inflammatories (one was a steroid). I stayed on these for six days and slowly weened down the dose.

    This seemed to help for about two weeks but in the last week I've been having chest pains again. They're not as severe, but I can tell something is wrong. The doctors did a battery of tests and said it was inflamed but otherwise healthy.

    I left without any formal diagnosis or anything - the papers they gave me just said "chest inflammation / pain" on them.

    Does anyone know any ways to help my heart aside from switching jobs?

    In case it's relevant, my BP is 123/70 and my resting heart rate is 53.