• 1 month ago

    CT of left circumflex coronary artery repaired itself

    Prior to a Hip replacement, I had an EKG and it showed a problem with my heart. [Sorry about my medical ignorance]. Any way I had Reumatic fever as a child. But supposedly no Heart problems. Anyway a stress test showed a problem and a Heart Cath was done. The results were CT of left circumflex coronary artery.
    To fill in the blanks a bit, the performing Dr told me the artery was closed and the preceeding portion of the closest artery Grew New Pathways that supplied blood the the area that was cut off. And I was released for my Hip Surgery. [With no cautions]
    I have never had any heart attack's or any indications of one. And my Dr's fail to explain it or just don't fully understand it themselves.
    I have never had an energy problem and I am a hard charger at home and at my job.

    My question is over what period of time would it take to regrow new pathways to supply a heart that never showed a problem?