• 1 month ago

    Unusual heart related symptoms

    Complaints of severe chest discomfort mainly to the left, radiating to the left arm and neck, pounding heart sensation, nausea, ice cold left arm, shortness of breath, dizziness, cold sweat. Presented in a 37 year old female, with an ECG finding of: rate: 75, PR: 173, QRSD: 77, QT: 447, QTc: 500, Axis: P: 37, QRS: 44, T: -26 . Probable left atrial enlargement: P> 50mS, 30mS, and abn ST-T V1- V2. Borderline T abnormalities, T flat/ neg, 2,3,aVF. Abnormal ECG. With Trops blood test 5.6 then 5.83 both within 2 hours of each other. Known medical history are DM2, HTN, 4 TIA's, Obese What's the correct diagnosis for this patient