• 6 days ago

    No more HCTZ...safe?

    I have been on 25 mg HCTZ and 50 mg atenolol for at least 15 years. Had a blood test 2 weeks ago at annual physical; am impossible to get blood from and they're always telling me to drink water before. So I did. NOW my blood sodium is 125 and chloride is 88 and I'm told that's way too low; told to stop the HCTZ immediately and re-draw in 2 weeks. Since stopping, have had increased swelling in hands and feet; headaches nearly every day and my heart rate takes three times as long to "recover" after exercise. I am also on other meds that can cause low sodium; why is my doctor doing this? I intend to drink plenty of water before this test, too...won't that affect the results? This is idiocy and I'm afraid of these sudden onset of side effects now that I am off the HCTZ. Can't I take an over-the-counter diuretic?