• 3 months ago

    Sharp chest pains

    For the past 10 plus years I go through spells of sharp stabbing chest pains that last a second or two. They occur roughly every five minutes and can last for days or months. I know it’s not heart related because I have had many tests that have came back fine. These usually occur during the day and when I’m sleeping go away until morning. My guess is stress and/or anxiety is causing this but no matter what I do I can not rid myself of them. By the end of the day I am completely spent from having these. Does anyone have any idea what to do or has dealt with this? Thanks.


  • 1 month ago

    RE: Sharp chest pains

    For several years I suffered from chest pains that came on suddenly and became progressively worse as the day went on. I had many tests and was told many things none of which helped. On day when I began to have the pains again I decided I was going to try drinking water and see if it had any effect. Following the second glass the pain began to subside and was completely gone not long after that. Each time the pain returned I did exactly the same with the same results. I believe I must have been having esophagus spasms. Give it a try.