• 3 months ago

    High pulse for a couple months


    I'm a 34 year old male, 226 pounds, 5'7". I'm diabetic and keep that managed pretty well, my last A1C was 7.2. I am not active because of a back injury and on medications for depression and anxiety/panic attacks. For the last few months my pulse has seemed higher than it should be but not extremely dangerous. The last few mornings my resting heart rate has been between 100 and 120 and my lowest average monthly heart rate since August has been 92 and I use Samsung health on my phone to track it. I almost never see a heart rate below 85. Should I be concerned about this?


  • 3 months ago

    RE: High pulse for a couple months

    "Should I be concerned about this?"

    Yes, of course.

    Average resting heart rate (HR) in adult males is 72-78 beats per minute (BPM). Normal resting range is 60-100 BPM. Over 100 BPM is tachycardia (fast heartbeat), which can of course occur for obvious reasons (expected to occur) and also for inappropriate reasons (unexpected).

    As ALWAYS, any bothersome, concerning, troublesome, worrisome, worsening or new symptom(s) such as substainial change (high or low) in vital signs should be brought to the attention of a qualified doctor asap.