• 6 months ago

    Heart Attack and now AFIB

    I had a heart attack last 08/18/16 and another one on 08/19/16. Cardiologist said it was the widow maker-LAD. He put in a stent. Then on 04/21/17 I became very fatigued and was having chest pain. I went to the heart center at ngmc and after 9 hrs. they admitted me to critical care unit. Dr. said that I had AFIB and pneumonia. He put me on Eliquis and blood thinners. Now I have fatigue, pounding, racing heart and can't breath deeply. What would be my next option. My cardiologist is hard to get in touch with.


  • 6 months ago

    RE: Heart Attack and now AFIB

    Not Minimizing your question, or the symptoms, but if your cardiologist is hard to get in touch with, I suggest you look into getting another one who will give you the attention you need. Obviously you have symptoms that worry you and you need a doctor who can reassure you that you are being treated properly and with care. You seem to be asking for medical advice from people who are not qualified.