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    Triple Bypass

    I had a triple bypass 5 years ago at 58. Since the surgery I have had issues with my breathing. I have continued to see my cardiologist. I had a nuclear stress test 2 years ago. I was placed on a diuretic for several months, to no avail. Whenever I take a take a deep breath it's like a "catch" in my breath. I walk my dog in the morning and if I go up a small hill I am out of breath and have to stop for a minute. Has anyone else had these symptoms?


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    RE: Triple Bypass


    "Since the surgery I have had issues with my breathing."

    "Whenever I take a take a deep breath it's like a "catch" in my breath."

    Some individuals have reported breathing difficulties, most notably, shortness of breath, after coronary atery bypass graft (CABG) bypass surgery, taking several weeks or months or much longer to self-resolve.

    Lung (pulmonary) problems after bypass surgery are a possibility. As applicable, those with pre-existing lung disease are at greater risk of developing further lung problems.

    A well-known but seldom discussed/talked about complication post-bypass is phrenic nerve dysfunction or damage (dependent on the technique used to access the heart), which affects the diaphragm and breathing. Also, certain blood conditions may/could be present such as anemia.

    Most important, coronary artery disease (CAD) is a lifelong unpredictable (can exhibit periods of stabilization, acceleration, and even some regression) condition, requiring a continuum of top notch care, and good doctor-patient/patient-doctor communication and understanding at ALL times.

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        thank you for your reply. I have been so frustrated trying to figure out why I continue to have these symptoms even after 5 years. I have considered requesting another heart cath to ensure the veins have remained open. I am a flight attendant and sometimes my symptoms are worse when I fly.
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    RE: Triple Bypass

    I had a heart attack on 08/18/16, the lad part of my heart The cardiologist put a stent in. Then on 04/21/17 I began to have pain in my chest with a temp., and severe fatigue. Went to the heartcenterngmc then after 9 hrs. was admitted to critical care. The cardiologist finally told me that I had pneumonia and AFIB. I am home now and still have pain and can't breath deeply without pain. My heart races and pounds. Dr. has me on Eliquis and blood thinners. What would be my next best option? It's hard to get in touch with the cardiologist.