• 4 months ago

    weakness, fatigue & shortness of breath

    i have some symptoms that started about 2 years ago. and seems that i cannot get it under control and no clear diagnosis. so i want to share it and hear some thoughts. here is a history and general info about me (all noted since april 2017):

    - height 6 ft (182 cm) & weight 165 lbs (75 kg).
    - not taking any medication.
    - ECG's sometimes shows AV block of 1st degree and sometimes 2nd degree (mobitz I).
    - troponin almost always elevated between 0.2 - 0.4
    - had viral myocarditis (sept 2017) , but recent ( Jan 2018) echo & cardiac MRI shows no infractions or damage.
    - recent (2019) cardiac multi-sector CT shows some plaque in one of the arteries.
    - i never had chest pain whatsoever, i get shortness of breath, palpitation, and weakness.
    - alpha thalassemia (carrier).
    - recent blood labs came all good.
    - caffeine sometimes gets me tachycardia (sinus).
    - any supplement/drug contains arganine or nitric oxide get my heart rate to 130-150 per min & dizziness.
    - BP now mostly on the lower normal range (100/60 to 110/70)
    - general fatigue and weakness. and sometimes shortness of breath (these are the most annoying symptoms i have).

    i used to play sports all my life before april 2017. i was super active. but not so much after april 2017.

    i want to hear some thoughts because battling fatigue, dizziness and weakness really affecting my daily life. as i really get tired after walking about 20-30 mins. sometimes i feel sudden tiredness while just doing office work (sitting up right on a chair).

    i feel better only when i'm lying down.

    feel free to share any useful info related to my condition.