• 6 months ago

    Single organ dysfunction leading to multiple?

    Not quite sure where to post this question so I posted it here. Let's assume a 48-year-old male who is very active (biking, running, swimming competitively). In the last 3 years he has had first his appendix removed and recently gallbladder removal (apparently the gallbladder had been going out for quite a while according to the surgeon). Also, his calcium score has increased by 60 points in the last 3 years but is still considered low. All of this doesn't follow the "multiple organ dysfunction" line from what I can tell, but it seems that MODS is caused by infection which then leads to inflammatory responses by the systems of the body. There is no indication of infection, fever, etc. Could what this person is experiencing be related to a longer-timeline MODS caused by some sort of non-infection based inflammation?