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    RE: Very high pulse rate according to Dr

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    "My pulse rate has always ran between 120/140."

    Consider consulting with a doctor, preferably a cardiologist on this.

    Normal resting range heart/pulse rate in adults is 60-100 beats per minute (BPM). Average resting heart/pulse rate in men is 72-78 BPM and in women 78-84 BPM. Over 100 BPM is tachycardia (fast heartbeat).

    Noteworthy and as deemed applicable to the patient, there is a specific condition called Inappropriate Sinus Tachycardia (IST) in which ones' resting heart rate is always over 100 bpm.

    IST - A misunderstood cardiac arrhythmia

    IST is a condition in which an individual's resting heart rate is abnormally high (greater than 100 beats per minute), their heart rate increases rapidly with minimal exertion......

    Characteristics of IST?

    While IST can be seen in anybody, it is most often a disorder of young women. The average IST sufferer is a woman in her late 20s or early 30s who has been having symptoms for months to years. In addition to the most prominent symptoms of......

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    Calming the HEART

    Techniques at Home (as applicable to the patient)

    Tighten stomach muscles. As soon as the heart starts to race, tighten the stomach muscles. This will cause the abdominal muscles to put pressure on a group of nerves that will tell the heart's electrical coduction system to slow down.

    Chill. Take a deep, long breath and slowly let it out. Sometimes relaxation is all it takes to stop tachycardia. And deep breathing is frequently one of the fastest ways to relax.

    Use common sense. Anything that speeds up the heart, caffeine and cigarettes, for example, can trigger a rapid heartbeat. So common sense says that if one is prone to tachycardia, one should avoid any substance that might give the heart an extra kick.

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    Be a questioning patient. TALK to your DOCTOR and ASK QUESTIONS. Studies show that patients who ask the most questions, and are most assertive, get the best results. Be vigilant and speak up!"

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    RE: Very high pulse rate according to Dr

    I have had brief episodes of tachycardia but I would really be alarmed if my pulse stayed high. Please see a cardiologist so he can do tests and treat it. Mine doesn't require treatment because the episodes only last a few seconds and occur occasionally but I felt better after tests were done that showed my heart was okay. They can give medication to slow your heart rate down and sometimes do a procedure if the heart rate is so high that it causes breathlessness or fainting.
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    RE: Very high pulse rate according to Dr

    I suggest that you ask for an authorization from your PCP to immediately get a consultation witha highly rated cardiologist. Don't procrastinate with abnormal heart conditions.
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    RE: Very high pulse rate according to Dr

    Don't fret yet. I spent the whole year of 2016 trying to control my blood pressure and heart rate. Fortunately, I monitor with a blood pressure cuff so had a trend of data when I was referred to a cardiologist. I ended up being put on carvedilol to control my pulse rate. I'm 45 and he said my pulse rate of 100 was too high for my age. My BP was running at 140/95 which was also too high. My therapy consists of Nifedipine to bring pressure down and carvdelol for pulse rate. I've learned so much over the year. I remember trying to control my breathing whilst falling asleep. Didn't work but made me fall asleep faster. I also learned to say no to caffeine or anything that sends my heart on an unnecessary roller coaster ride. I also learned that what you eat influences who you are mentally and physically. And that exercise is mandatory as you age. Just walk 30 minutes a day. So get to a cardiologist ASAP and don't be too proud to take your meds. AND stay compliant - take them as prescribed for the best therapy. Last, the amount of people walking around with undiagnosed HBP/ heart issues is something like 50+ % Consider yourself fortunate, at least you know.
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    RE: Very high pulse rate according to Dr

    Hi Jennifer. I'm Gina. Were you at your doctor's office when you were told this? In my opinion the "why" needs looking into. It honestly sounds like this is just the way your body works. Otherwise some dire condition would have shown up by now. Please don't be so scared. I'm a nurse so I know a little about these things. Not as much as a doctor, but enough to try to ease your worries.
    Take some deep breaths, call a doctor, and try to avoid getting too stressed; that will just make it worse.
    Good luck!