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    Is there any way I can use supplements to control my BP? I suffer from both low and high blood pressure. When I take BP meds for high BP I get crashes. I mean down to 50/27 last week (yes I was in hospital last week) now it will stay "normal" for several months. My BP will slowly drift upwards till there is no choice but to go on medication. We are looking at the 200's/100's range. When BP is high I get a very fast HR 160+

    I do have autonomic dysfunctions. I had a pacemaker implanted this year because of low heart-rate. Was hoping that it would help these BP issues a bit.

    When my BP gets low my kidneys fail. This has gotten very old and I am getting so tired!! I still have not gotten any helpful information from doctors.


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    Supplements are not the way to go for your blood pressure issues. You’re probably already taking quite a few medicines and any extra pills may do more harm than good, especially if they cause a drug interaction. You’re likely always going to need daily medication, and it’s going to be a constant ‘work in progress’ tweaking your treatment each visit to keep you healthy.
    What I hope is - you can find a heart specialist (cardiologist) and a kidney specialist (nephrologist) that you’re comfortable talking with about your medical issues. And know, they’ll need to communicate with each other and your primary care doctor to coordinate your care. Working with the same doctors over time regularly is going to be key for success managing your blood pressure and other medical issues. Also, I recommend being proactive about keeping records of what tests and treatments you’ve had so new health providers (like in the emergency room) can always get a quick snapshot of your medical history.
      • I am seeing both for years the standard medications and protocols are not working Have been seeing the same doctors for years
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    RE: supplements for BP issues

    Vitamin D can help lower blood pressure (source: http://www.pamelaegan.com/vitamin-d-3/ ).

    Also, L-Arginine supplements can help increase Nitric Oxide levels, which in turn can help reduce hypertension (source: http://www.pamelaegan.com/nitric-oxide/ ). L-Arginine is converted into Agmatine, which in turn increases nitric oxide, which helps to lower blood pressure.

    Be careful though if you're on a blood pressure medication. The same doctor whom I'm quoting above has an article on her site about how discontinuing blood pressure medication without being instructed to do so by a physician can be deadly.

    So, to answer your question, supplements can help. However, if you're already on medication for hypertension don't stop taking it before talking to your doctor, even if you start using supplements.