• 9 months ago

    New - Scary - Heart Issues

    I have lived with Mitral Valve Prolapse all of my life - finally received an official diagnosis at 18 with an echo.
    The last week I have noticed a change in the strength of my pulse rate. It seems weaker, but still according to my at home blood pressure monitor and pulse oximeter - my pulse is anywhere from 65-85 resting - standing up walking around it can get up to 120. My oxygen always stays between 95 and 97.
    I feel weaker, fuzzy headed, no energy the last week.
    I was taking a half of one of my husbands metoprolol -he takes metoprolol tartrate 25mg - so I break one in half and take half of that to calm my palpatations and when my heart starts racing.
    I stopped taking them 2 days ago. I still have palpatations all the time, just don't feel them as strongly now. Im hoping the metoprolol will get out of my system if this is whats making me feel funny.
    I have very bad anxiety and panic attacks and sometimes my palpatations got so bad I thought I was going to die, or go into afib or something. The metoprolol helped some by keeping my heart rate down.
    I just got insurance so I am looking for a new primary care and a cardiologist.