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    High Blood Pressure Issue

    Hello there everyone!

    I am a male, My age is 21 years old. I was diagnosed with hypertensive blood pressure this year in mid of February. I used to smoke sheesha a lot, have been doing it since the past 2-3 years almost every day. As soon as I got diagnosed with high blood pressure I immediately stopped smoking and tried controlling my blood pressure through several lifestyle changes such as diet, exercising, quit smoking, etc.

    All of this did work for a while without medication but one day when I was driving back home I suddenly felt fast heart rate, heavy head, little short of breath kind of feeling, I got it checked at the hospital and it was my blood pressure shooting up all of a sudden although I did not even smoke or something.

    The next day I went to my cardiologist who decided to put me on a very lighter dose of Diovan 80 (half dose which makes it 40mg). Nyow it has been almost 5 months since I am taking this medication. My blood pressure keeps controlled but sometimes all of sudden I feel high blood pressure symptoms I dont know why, mostly when I am driving back home and today also this happened because of which I had to stop by to the pharmacy and take my medicine. After taking my dose I felt better. Now is it actually getting worse or is it just my anxiety or something?

    Because I have got Troponin, CBC, ECG, Kidney, BUN, Sodium, etc. blood tests done several times but all of my reports have come normal.

    The only thing which bothers me is this can happen anytime with me even if I am with friends or out at work which can make the situation quite embarrassing for me. Plus, I am too young for all of this. I admit it was my own fault of smoking, eating food from outside, etc. but I really want to get over it. I want to become better. Because it just makes me feel depressed at times, I did started taking anti-depressants also and I am about to quit them in a month or two as my psychiatrist says.

    Google has always scared me, reading posts which say blood pressure cannot be cured once you get it, bla bla it all just makes me upset. I do not want to rely on medicines, I want to get better, like before.

    Can anyone please help me out on this? I really need genuine help.

    Answers from cardiologists, experienced people / doctors are preferred!


  • 10 months ago

    RE: High Blood Pressure Issue

    Your life style changes are huge! Keep it up you'll feel better gradually. I'd like to tell you to just change your life style and you'll get better but I'd be lying to you. Nobody knows if you'll get better only God. You do your thing and be healthy. Please don't stop taking your medicines nor avoid taking dosages cause you're drinking with your friends. High blood pressure is not a joke. I've lost and uncle and my aunt just had a heart attack due to this problem they knew and didn't like to take their medications.
    You need to around for long so follow your Drs orders.
    Good luck
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    RE: High Blood Pressure Issue

    What's up Buddy, I'm 34 and I've been diagnosed with the same thing, but only recently. Anywho I'm of the mind set of I refuse to take any medication the most high put everything on this earth for us to live off of. Prescription Meds is big money business in America. So I'd like to tell you a few things that worked for me, 1st if u have a vitamin shoppee in your area, they sale lots of herbal teas. I take a tea called Triple Leaf Blood pressure tea and that *** works also drink green tea. Take magnesium supplements, take plant based protein shakes high in fiber. Fiber is real good for hypertension, Lots of avocados, Fish oil, also there's quite a selection of all natural blood pressure supplements on amazon that work. The key is ALL NATURAL. Research what's in it via webmd and your mind will take off from there. Drink Tons of water a day I live in the desert so I drink two gallons a day. Course make time to get some running in, cardio will help a lot. Keep stress down. That anxiety is all mental focus your mind think healthy. Meditate. Download the app Pinterest and type blood pressure remedies in the search Tons of knowledge there. Well I hope this info helps u bruh. God bless
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        Thanks a lot brother, really appreciate your concern!!