• 10 months ago

    High blood pressure

    48 year old female, blood pressure has been holding good lately and I'm not sure what has happened. Last Tuesday I had a check up with my family doctor. I felt fine, nurse checked my bp 3 times and it was 170/112. I was on 20 mg Benzaepril and my doctor added 50 mg Toporol once a day. Fast forward to Thursday, I was getting stuff done before work and just didn't feel right, took it with our home monitor and it was 193/117. H called the ambulance and to the hospital I went. EKG, stress test, blood work and echo were all ok, they kept me 48 hours to observe. In that time my pressure never dipped below 150/100. Been monitoring it since I got home and it's still been high, my Dr said Toporol could take 3 weeks to make a difference and I'm worried something is going to happen before then. Since I came home I've cut out all caffeine, processed foods, sugar, etc. I want to exercise but they told me not to because that will send it higher and not to exercise unmonitored. I have an appt next week with my family Dr and September with the cardiologist. I know to go back if the chest pains start again but at this point what else can I do? I'm currently on sick leave because my job is very physical, pretty much wandering the house all day. I've tried 2 different meditation apps as well.

    Any other advice?