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    Heart murmur from unknown cause

    Here it goes:

    I'm a 24 female with historic of chorionic tonsillitis but had my tonsils removed at age 17.
    On April I started having heart palpitations randomly so I went to the ER, general doctor there asked for an ECG which come back normal so he prescribed me Xanax 0,5mg/ once a day for 5 days, after 10 days the palpitations stoped. Couple of weeks later they come back this time I also got Ill with zebra I think was a bad cold, I had fever of 38, headaches and mucus. I noticed it took me a long time recovering from that cold. When I got better 2 weeks after since I was still having palpitations I went to the cardiologist. He listened to my heart and told I had a heart murmur I/II degree, did a 24 hour Holter and found I was having tachycardia, and sinusal breathing arritmia. The Dr said it was nothing serious so prescribed nothing. Meanwhile I had lost 5kg in a month ( probably because of the cold). Had an investigation of what was causing the heart murmur so I did:
    Thyroid eco: found several cistes on thyroid
    Heart eco- all normal and functioning normal no alterations
    Thyroid hormones tested- TSH, T3 and T4 all within normal range
    Blood work- all normal
    Nose and throat bacteria test- found a Kleibsiela bacteria on my throat (antibiotics prescribed for that) nose come back clear.
    During that time I started experiencing sometimes pain on my left arm ( I thought I would have a heart attack) but it went away
    I had electric shock like sensation down my right arm or shoulder sometimes but it would last miliseconds (that also stopped)
    I experienced sometimes at night my temperature raising and a little bit of sweating (really minimal sometimes just between my breasts a bit)
    I still have excessive hair loss and recently had to have my hair cut short (but I also been trying a new hair relaxer and dye it might be it. I just never had so much hair loss before)
    I noticed jerk like movements when I'm about to fall asleep at the first it happen 3 times now I have muscle spasms constantly they are very small and last miliseconds too
    My heart had no reason to be having arritmia so I was sent to the endocrinologist.
    Showed all my lad work and was sent to have anti- thyroid anti-corps tested.
    It takes two weeks for me to get the results so I have to wait.
    Since this first started I have eye discomfort but for the past 3 days I sometimes had something "flow" on my peripheral vision but bothers me. It's like I can catch any movement or light and it is just a weird perception and I see even small particles floating on the air.
    Summing up my symptoms are:
    1- heart murmur I-II and palpitations ( tachycardia and sinus breathing arritmia)
    2- hair loss (brittle very thin hair)
    3- eye discomfort and weird vision
    4- neck stiffness and neck pain
    5- neck lymph nodes enlarged and thyroid nodules
    6- weight loss and apetite loss
    7- increase on bowel movements
    8- menstrual cycle alterations
    9- jerky involuntary movements and muscle spasms

    If anybody has any idea what this can be or what other tests I should do please help me out.
    I'm so young.


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    RE: Heart murmur from unknown cause

    "If anybody has any idea what this can be"

    All one can do here on the Internet is guess or speculate which just makes bad medicine for anyone involved.

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        : dear Anonymous. Didn't you see on the post that I went to seek medical professionals several times? I've been to the Dr more than 5 times over the last 3 months. I'm not "googling" my way into health! I've spent hundreds of dollars on consultations and exams.
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    RE: Heart murmur from unknown cause

    Any chance of Lyme disease?