• 8 months ago

    Aortic Valve and Arch Replacement

    I am an in shape 50 year old male who had an aortic aneurysm 14 years ago at age 36. At that time my Aorta was just over 9cm and for that reason the valve and aortic arch was removed and replaced with a saint jude valve and an artificial conduit. I now have a new aneurysm just below the artificial piece and will be undergoing another open heart. No reason ever given for the weakness in the aortic tissue. I have been pushing it lately with backpacking the Grand Canyon lengthways and a portion of the AT. Yes, may be the reason the new aneurysm has formed but not known for sure. I am just looking for anyone to talk to that may have experienced similair surgeries. Not looking forward to the extensive one coming my way. Also looking for any options pertaining to blood thinners.