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    Aortic Stenosis diagnosis I'm freaking out

    I'm 63 yr old female with medical history of high cholesterol & HBP. For the past few yrs whenever someone takes my BP, my pulse is always high, slightly over 100. Never thought much of it, felt fine & my primary Dr didn't mention it either. Last Sept I had a total knee replacement & everytime nurses would take my myBP they would mention the pulse being fast. So in April I went to my Dr & mentioned it to him, he did an EKG which was fine except it showed the rapid pulse. So I went to a cardiologist & she said I had a murmur. She did a EKG & an echocardiogram which showed aortic stenosis. I think they measured it at .9 & she said


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    RE: Aortic Stenosis diagnosis I'm freaking out


    "an echocardiogram which showed aortic stenosis. I think they measured it at .9"

    As reported, a normal aortic valve opening is at least 2 cm. In mild aortic stenosis, the valve opens 1.0-1.3 square cm; in moderate aortic stenosis, the open valve area ranges from 0.8-0.9 square cm; and in severe aortic stenosis, the open aortic valve area is calculated to be less than 0.8 square cm.

    Type of treatment(s) vary/varies depending upon the severity of the narrowing (stenosis), current symptoms, age of the patient and if he/she has comorbidities, which are always taken into consideration if a surgical procedure is a viable option or a non-surgical (catheter-based) procedure.

    Most important, communicate/interact well with your doctor(s) at ALL times.

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