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    Slight pressures in chest?

    So on March 2 I got sick with something viral. It mainly was messing w/ my sinuses more then anything. I stayed at home and rested for a week while taking DayQuil and NyQuil along with propolis occasionally. Then on the 10th (Friday) I started to notice a pressure in my chest (my left side). I thought maybe it was mucus build up in my lungs or something bad. I drank lots of hot tea and started to take mucinex. It helped, or at least I thought? On Saturday I was under a lot of stress and started to feel the pressure again. My mother was with me and asked where it was I felt the pressure. I showed her the region it was coming from and she got all worried because she said it was my heart. The pressure would come and go. Nothing super sharp or painful. Just this unexplainable pressure I guess? It continued on through out Sunday. But when I was out w/ friends that night having a good time it wasn't there? On Monday though I ended up going to urgent care because it was still going on and I began to get worried myself. They ran an ekg and didn't find anything wrong and sent me home? But the pressure is still there from time to time. My mother is worried because she feels I'm not active enough and I'm beginning to wonder if she has a point especially since I've been sick I have mainly been resting. What could be the case though? Is there anything I can do?
    I'm 20, female, and tall/thin if that matters any?


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    RE: Slight pressures in chest?


    In general-only here, chest/thoracic area symptoms, which includes discomfort, pain, PRESSURE, tightness, stationary or radiating elsewhere, with or without accompanying symptoms, has various causes, cardiac and non-cardiac, which includes, but not limited to, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, and psychological/psychogenic.

    Additionally, of the different types of heart conditions, some which can occur at ANY AGE, various symptoms may/can be acute (occurring suddenly), be chronic (occurring over a long period of time), come and go (be transient, fleeting or episodic) or even be silent.

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    RE: Slight pressures in chest?

    Thank you cardiostar for the helpful information. I finally managed to get an appointment in with my PCP, the downside though is that it will be a week from now. Anything I can do in the time being? Is the appointment soon enough for the concern? Any tips?