• 5 months ago

    Arrythmia caused death

    My son died suddenly at almost 23 yrs of age. The coroner found asolutely nothing in the autopsy. He told my counselor that after conferring with other coroners that he felt his death was due to heart arrhythmia. His death certificate says “undetermined” because the coroner cannot prove that was the cause because an episode of arrhythmia doesn't leave any signs or cause damage that can be seen. He also told her that he felt that even if I would have been there, it would not have helped because he appeared to have died immediately. I found him so I know what the scene looked like; he had been lying there for approx. 8 hours. Actually at this point I don't want to think otherwise. I know that its probably true but my heart breaks that I wasn't there & possibly could have done something.

    My son literally dropped dead. He was still holding his toothbrush so I feel certain he didn’t even try to break his fall.

    My question(s) is whether it is possible that at times his heartbeat was off but he just accepted it and did not find it alarming? He played soccer from 1st grade to 12th grade. I would have thought it would have presented itself during those active times.

    He was healthy and so he didn't visit the doctor on any kind of regular basis. He did have major ear infections and tubes were placed in his ears on 3 separate occasions before the age of 7. He had one other surgery at the age of 18 to have his adenoids removed , so he was in surgery four times in his life. Is it really possible that there were no signs of trouble but then have one episode that killed him?

    At the time of his death he was under a lot of stress about his higher education. He had just grafuated with a bachelors degree & was under a time constraint. Although he always had a very high-strung temperament he did fine in life but at home he could be trying, lol! He was always moving, it seemed, and had some anxiety but managed to control it. He presented some depression signs when away at college which I recognized because of my own depression.

    I know there is no absolute final answer. It has been 8 years but as a Mother it never leaves me. I do not feel guilt so I'm not looking for absolution. I think I just want to know how someone can appear to be so healthy (he did smoke & drink but moderately) & then drop dead 4 hours later? How can that happen? Did I miss some signs? Did he?

    I know I rambled on & I scattered some questions throughout. I understand that knowing more information does not change anything. I really want to know if there were signs that were easily overlooked. Thank you.