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    Low heart rate, Medtronic reveal linq - no patient monitor

    Hi everyone,

    I had shortness of breath for 15 years, dizziness, lightheadedness, irregular heartbeat, low heart rate and skipping heartbeats. No doctor ever took me seriously because I'm still young (33 years old), blamed it on anxiety and then said I had asthma.

    A few weeks ago I blacked out while driving, that was my third blackout within 2 months. They did a 3 day holter monitor and saw that my heart rate dropped to 46 beats a minute, I have a first degree AV block, low frequency ventricular ectopy and sinus arrhythmia throughout.

    A week later (1 week ago), they implanted a Medtronic reveal linq cardiac monitor to watch my heart rate over a longer period (up to 3 years).

    Online I read that patients will receive a monitor which transmits data to the cardiologist 24/7. I only received a patient assistant with which I can record 4 episodes of symptoms every 6 months. What's the point of that? What if I have more episodes? Or a very low heart rate/irregular heartbeat without symptoms? Do I just ignore it? Why would they implant a device like that and then don't monitor results? I don't want this monitor inside of my body if I can only record 4 episodes every 6 months. I have symptoms every single week.

    They also never explained anything to me. I only know from the online handbook I found that I have to keep a certain distance from electronic devices and even my induction cook top. Needless to say I'm not impressed with the health care system

    Anyone else with tips or recommendations?


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    RE: Low heart rate, Medtronic reveal linq - no patient monitor

    I know this post is old, but I wondered if you had an update? I just got a Reveal Linq in November of 2018, and I hate it. My pain level is constantly high (I wake up if I bump the site in the night) I get no feedback from my doctor or nurses or device techs, and I've no way of knowing what data they collected or if they need to adjust parameters.

    To answer your question (which was hopefully answered before), you should have gotten a base station that sits on the bedside. It's weird if you didn't because I literally watched the medtronic rep un-box the Linq next to me right before they implanted it, and the patient assist device, home monitor, and the implant were all in the same big blue box.