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    Long qt syndrome worried

    Hi, I'm a healthy 18 year old boy, who has as of about 5 months been suffering from unexplained tachycardia, as well as many ectopic beats, all of which occur only when I am stressed anxious or panicky. I have never fainted or had seizures and had no family history of heart problems, but my condition is similar to the sounds of long qt syndrome. I don't have any problems exercising either and I've had an echo done which showed a structurally normal heart, as well as blood work and many ekgs, which all came back normal albeit occasional sinus tachycardia. Could these ectopics be signalling the presence of lqts? I can get like 30 a minute when I'm panicking and then 0 for the rest of the day. Thank you for any replies, I really appreciate any help putting my anxiety about this matter to rest.


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    RE: Long qt syndrome worried


    "Could these ectopics be signalling the presence of lqts?"

    Good reading material (**enhanced).

    How Is Long QT Syndrome Diagnosed?

    Not all people who have LQTS will always have a long QT interval on an EKG. The QT interval may change from time to time; it may be long sometimes and normal at other times. Thus, your doctor may want you to have several EKG tests over a period of days or weeks. Or, your doctor may have you wear a device called a Holter monitor, **or for a longer period of time, an event recorder.


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