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    Out of breath and getting worse recently.

    I’m a 55 year old male in reasonable health. Take cholesterol meds and sleep aid. 5’6” 140 and generally active. Never smoked. I’ve been short winded since my 30’s but it hasn’t been an issue before. This past week it has gotten worse to the point where walking across the parking has me out of breath. No chest pain besides normal gas. Saw a doc today and general exam was normal and ekg showed IRBBB which wasn’t on my last one in November although it did show on a stress test in 2015. Also drew blood and got chest x-ray but results won’t be in before Monday. Pretty stressed until then. Can't half the things I could a week ago. If something serious was found on either, would they contact me sooner? Any other tests that I can expect?


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    RE: Out of breath and getting worse recently.


    "Saw a doc today and general exam was normal and ekg showed IRBBB"

    Bundle branch block

    (Pertinent snippets)

    Causes, significance and treatment

    Bundle branch block (BBB) is a relatively frequent finding on the electrocardiogram.

    Sometimes BBB itself needs to be treated; sometimes it indicates significant underlying cardiac disease that needs to be treated; and sometimes it has so little significance that no treatment is necessary at all....

    What is the significance of bundle branch block?

    BBB is quite common, and occurs in a variety of medical conditions.

    >>>Right Bundle Branch Block (RBBB, complete or incomplete) occurs in medical conditions that affect the right side of the heart or the lungs, so a finding of RBBB on the ECG ought to trigger a screening exam for such conditions. These include blood clots to the lung (pulmonary embolus), chronic lung disease, cardiomyopathy, and atrial and ventricular septal defects.

    >>>However, RBBB also commonly occurs in normal, healthy individuals, and the screening exam therefore often turns up no medical problems. In these cases, the RBBB has no apparent medical significance, and can be written off as a "normal variant," and safely ignored.


    Bundle Branch Block


    "If something serious was found on either, would they contact me sooner?"

    One would definitely think so.

    "Any other tests that I can expect?"

    Perhaps a stress-echocardiogram, lung function test(s), another stress test, nuclear?

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