• 4 months ago

    RE: Why DVT Is So Dangerous

    I found out that I had DVT the hard way when I experienced both the sensation of my lower limb falling asleep (tingling) along side of severe cramps described as a massive Charlie Horse. This lasted in excess of 40 minutes unrelieved by a number of attempts. Finally deciding to go to the hospital, I was immediately rushed to CT after describing my symptoms to the ED. It was found that I had an embolism in my left femoral artery which I was transferred to a trauma center 60 miles away for an emergency left femoral emboectomy. When things calmed down, the surgeon, along with others determined, but were not sure that I had thrombus in my right popliteal that broke free, traveled to the heart, passed through Patent Foreman Ovale, (PFO), to my left heart thus sparing me a possible lung embolism. From the aorta to the aortic arch, the embolism traveled down the left major artery thus, again sparing me a possible CVA. The embolism finally lodged in my left femoral artery to which it made its' presence known. I was operated on, received a stint, and was told I would probably be on anti coagulants for life.