• 2 months ago

    Mild lvh 34 hypertensive patient

    I am a very anxious person and have always feared something was wrong with my heart. I'm 34 and have had high blood pressure since 20s and moderate high cholesterol. I have had the Gambit of test. Nuclear stress test, many ecgs, angiogram and finally a echo. The only thing they found was I have mild lvh but my arteries were completely clean. I freaked out as I assumed I was given a death sentence but the cardio doc said mild lvh is not something he is worried about it just means we need to ensure we get my bp under control. He said my 10 year CVD chances are .001%. you would think that makes me feel better and relaxed but as I Google I just go down a rabbit hole. I understand Google is not focused on the "mild lvh" cases but just can't seems to clear my mind.