• 5 months ago

    Irregular Heartbeat and Burping

    I started feeling irregular heartbeat where it feels like my heart skips a beat. I feel it from my my stomach in the diaphragm area and to my throat. This started recently and it seems to be occurring more often between 9am to 1pm or after eating. When it happens, i have gas builds up and have to burp. It is lasting for long minutes or even hours. I had an episode where I went to ER and got EKG, blood work, and blood pressure. All results came out normal. It is now becoming an issue in my daily life where I know it’s going to happen again and again and don’t know what is triggering it. I went to cardiologist and got prescribed with prilosec to prevent acid. Im not sure how this is related since I don’t feel any heartburn at all. Few days ago, I went for my heart ultrasound. I have a stress test scheduled called nuclear test and blood work. I hope to find answers to this and to those who are suffering from it also and what to do.


  • 4 months ago

    RE: Irregular Heartbeat and Burping

    I've had the same symptoms. Stop caffeine. That will get rid of the flutters. The doc prescribed Prilosec for the the acid reflux (burping). That will save your esophagus. Two weeks should do it., And don't wait for someone to tell you from some blood tests, start eating heart healthy whole fresh unprocessed foods. Go Vegan if you have to. You're headed that direction already, just do it now. I'm saying this for myself as I am for you. Your life depends on it.