• 1 month ago

    Constant chest pain

    I woke up on monday 25th of november at noon experiencing an achy feeling in my chest, my left side to be exact. I didn’t do anything to cause it, that I know of. I didn’t think much of it and went out. I forgot about the pain, atleast didn’t think so much about it for the 20 minutes I was outside. Fast forward the next day I woke up in pain again, didn’t think much of it and went a head to do my usual routine, I eat some food, brush my teeth then go sit by the computer. During the time I was at the computer my chest kept aching, it was constant so I got up to stretch and focus on my breathing. The third day the pain became more sharp and achy at the same time so I took a painkiller, which relieved it, but I could still feel the constant aching. Took two that day. The following days I started getting pain on my upper chest, near the collarbone, under my breast, the outside side of my chest and the middle of my chest. My left hand felt weaker or numb, can’t explain the feeling. Then I started having pain on the backside of my left shoulder. It worsens when I lay down. I can currently only lay on my right side, it causes too much stabbing pain when I lay on my back, my side and my stomach. Sometimes I can feel my heart beating really hard, it hurts some of those times. It hurts when I take deep breathes. I haven’t had a fever or anything else than that. I can breathe, just not take deep breaths. I feel better when I’m standing up.
    I am 21, female. I’ve never had a heart problem, my heart has always been healthy when I’ve visited doctors before. I have GAD, but this isn’t it. What could it be and why?