• 7 months ago

    HDL dropped by 16mg/dl in 3 months

    Hello, I did my routine annual blood work, the doctor said I have high LDL 167 mg/dl and that my HDL is good at 49mg/dl, she prescribed statin and asked me to redo my bloodwork in 3months.
    3months later I redid my bloodwork, LDL did not change much, but my HDL had dropped from 49 to 33mg/dl, this was a shocker as I do not smoke, had stopped having yolks, butter, red meat in spite of all that + statin my LDL did not change but HDL dropped by almost 16 points and my physician has increased my statin dosage as well.

    My question is any thoughts on why HDL dropped so much within 3 months? This is scary I hope statin does not have anything to do with this. Any thoughts on this will be helpful.