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  • Do I need a pacemaker?

    Hi I have several heart issues, includiong: - hypokinesis (with a an ejection fraction of 50% with some issues on systolic function) - Early Repolarization Syndrome - Left ventricular hypertrophy - dilated cardiomyopathy I had Myocarditis and I'm 22. Is this serious? I heart about a heart peacemaker
  • 7 hours ago

    Elevated troponin, normal heart cath scan

    I recently returned from a trip to the Philippines. Three days after returning, I developed diarrhea and a fever of around 100 F. The following day, I also added a stiff neck and headaches, especially if I moved my head too quickly. I went to see my PCP the next day and started Flagyl and Cipro. That night, I was very restless and had a jaw pain in my lower jaw and a tense feeling in my upper chest. The symptoms returned, but much more severe the next day and I went to the ER. My bloodwork showed....
  • My heart

    Lately I've been having crushing chest pain with and without shortness of breath .... My blood test are coming back with high CK , ck-mb and myoglobin levels but not tropoinon levels they were normal ... My stress test showed an abnormal radiotracer uptake in the apical territory and a thinning of my apical artifact ... I've been researching this and it's been brought to my attention by someone at the hospital that I'm in heart failure but my doctor's won't tell me the truth....
  • 8 days ago

    Funnel chest questions

    I've always been insecure about my funnel chest, but I've never been aware of the health issues. I've always been a healthy young woman and I've always had trouble keeping up with the pack exercise wise. In middle school and high school I could never run a mile on time because it hurt my lungs and heart. Is this something that is caused by my funnel chest? I would like to know because if I am going to be able to do any cardio the rest of my life I would like it to not hurt.
  • 3 days ago

    Losartan and Xanax

    I recently started on 50 mg of losartan for high blood pressure. I usually take .25 mg of xanax when I fly. Can I use these drugs together??
  • 4 days ago

    Been in AFIB for 3 days now!

    Ok, so I have been in AFIB for 3 days now, lowest 111, highest 142. Getting really tired just doing simple everyday task. Yes I have heart failure, anemia and several other issues, but this afib thingy is really getting old! I take 300mg of Amiodarone daily, but no help! Should I be concerned and go to the er??????
  • 3 days ago

    "What I Wish I Knew Before I Had A Heart Attack" -- Share Your Stories and Advice

    Have you had a heart attack? We want to know: What do you wish you had known or had done differently before it happened? Your response could be featured in an upcoming story on
  • 4 days ago

    What You Should Know About the Macrobiotic Diet

    Each day in January we are breaking down a different diet over on our Weight Loss board. Up today, the Macrobiotic Diet. The idea: It isn’t just about your weight – it’s about achieving balance in all areas of your life. See how it works and join the conversation here:
  • 5 days ago

    Newsflash: Meat-Linked Chemical Levels Tied to Heart Risks

    A molecule produced in the digestion of red meat, eggs and dairy products is linked to an increased risk of a fatal heart attack or stroke, researchers say. Click here to read more: We want to hear from you! How often do you consume meat, eggs and dairy? Does this news make you want to cut down?
  • Chest, Breast, and Rib Pain

    Hi everyone! I am a 24-year old male and about a week after Thanksgiving, I started to get this pain behind my left breast and in the rib cage area underneath the breast itself. Anyways, I really started to notice the pain especially when I breathed in or either put my arm up, raised it above my head, or put my arms in front of my body. The pain would really hurt around the left breast when I made those movements. In addition, I started to develop stomach symptoms such as burning in the stomach,....