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  • 7 hours ago

    Heart palpitations and air burping

    I am according to my Dr. a very healthy, 6 2 150 lb, 47 year old male. Although he says my arms and legs (36 in inseam) are a little long and my heart has to work hard to get the blood out to them, little else is wrong with me, but maybe some mild asthma and allergies. So he says I may have some kind of heart thing where it skips a beat or whatever, can't recall the name (right?) but he said probably nothing to worry about but I can do an echo if I want. He said it would probably just make me....
  • 10 hours ago

    Nuclear Stress Test Results??

    nuclear stress test showing small mild apical reversible defect; resting left ventricular ejection fraction of 64%; means what? and I have a left bundle branch block as well... angiogram scheduled for next week
  • 12 hours ago

    Rapped pulse rate of 106

    Im concerned my husband has been resting in bed for 1 hr took his pulse and it reads as 106 dies he need medical attention NOW?
  • 1 day ago

    Anxiety, High BP

    Went to ER yesterday due to severe anxiety. Had all tests run and had negative results thankfully. Sent me home with Atarax and advised to follow up with DR. I'm concerned because my heart seems to be fluttering still and it causes my arm shoulder to twitch. Should I be worried?
  • 1 day ago

    Angiogram Without Iodine Contrast Dye?

    Background: I recently had a heart CT scan. Before the exam I told the doctor that I had a severe allergy to iodine dye. They gave me an allergy prep and told me it should prevent an allergic reaction. It didn't. I had a severe allergic reaction as soon as the test was over. My heart stopped and chest compressions were required to bring back a pulse. The CT scan images showed extensive coronary artery disease. Question: If I were to need cardiac catheterization and a stent to widen the coronary....
  • 1 day ago

    Death of a 25 year old

    My son was 25 years old and just passed away. On his death certificate they had it listed as an enlarged heart. What kind of things could have caused this and what would type of test would a medical examiner run to determine what caused his death?
  • Ekg results

    Hello.. what does this mean on a ekg? Slight inferior and left-precordial depolarization disturbance,consider ischemia, LV overload or a specific change. Small negative T in aVF with negative T in 111 Small negative T in V6 With flat or low negative T in V5 P/PR. 127/ 133 ms Qrs. 94ms QT/QTc/ QTd 372ms /418ms P/QRS\ T axis 43/23/-64 Heartrate 86bpm Borderline ECG thanks!

  • 4 days ago

    25% RCA Blockage - CT Angio

    This started 18 months ago. I was physically very fit (39 yrs old). I am a non alcoholic and a non smoker. I was in office and felt dizzy with some sweating in the evening. As my father is a heart patient (suffered a heart attack at 61), I did not take this lightly and went to the ER for a check up. My ECG had slight T-wave inversion and I was bloated. I was admitted to the CCU and they ran several test like Stress Echo, Trop T. All came negative and I was discharged. There were no dynamic changes....
  • 5 days ago

    Extreme jump in heart rate

    Extreme jump in heart rate and prolonged recovery time. Occurs in two situations. Often when I first get up jumps from 82 to 102, I've seen posts about PoTs; in my case there contiues to be a rapid rise and increase in breathing with very trivial exercise ( bending over, getting the milk out of the frig. I need to rest completely still for 10-20 minutes for it to go away. Similarly, when I perform a short burst of somewhat high exertion exercise ( sprinting 50 yards, lifting at a moderate pace....
  • 6 days ago

    Is it possible to manage cholesterol naturally

    Hi All I have been researching on ways to manage cholesterol and I have come across a lot of articles providing ways to lower it naturally. Anybody has any insights they can provide? Here are some of best finds if anyone's interested https://www.doctorshealthpress....