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  • 3 days ago

    I think I have a heart problem

    On valentines day I ended up in the emergency room shortness of breath and chest pain hooked up to monitors and bloodwork was told its acid reflux given omaprole. Fine for 2 weeks. Since then new doc basically guarenteed its acid reflux but now it the last 2 weeks Fitbit heart rate sitting and sleeping (when I do) dropped to 57-59 then back to 67 72 its not consistent at all sitting still 68 one min then 62 or 75 the next. then theres now weird cold shivers and cold finger tips different times of....

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  • 7 days ago

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  • 8 days ago

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  • 10 days ago


    Two months ago I went to the ER with burning pain in my chest and ekg cardiac bloodwork and heart monitor all came back normal...I have gastritis and had ulcers bleed. Today I'm having the same symptoms..even though everything came back normal could this be cardiac
  • 16 days ago

    Is this all that can be done?

    My husband is 73 and back in 2010 he had 4 bypass surgery. Since that time he has had stents several times. Back in August of last year, we were back in the hospital with a heart attack...again. This time the heart cath showed he had 5 - 7 blockages in his heart. A surgeon was contacted and came to see him. He did several test and then came back and told us that he could not do surgery because the main artery that goes in the front of the heart was calcified. If he tried to clamp it off, it would....
  • 18 days ago

    Mild lvh 34 hypertensive patient

    I am a very anxious person and have always feared something was wrong with my heart. I'm 34 and have had high blood pressure since 20s and moderate high cholesterol. I have had the Gambit of test. Nuclear stress test, many ecgs, angiogram and finally a echo. The only thing they found was I have mild lvh but my arteries were completely clean. I freaked out as I assumed I was given a death sentence but the cardio doc said mild lvh is not something he is worried about it just means we need to ensure....
  • 21 days ago

    Caffeine and Tachycardia

    Hello! I have been experiencing tachycardia and as an avid coffee drinker, I was curious if it was related to this. I drink about 100 mg of coffee in the morning (almost 2 shots of espresso) at around 7am and I am still experiencing tachycardia up to 150bpm at 5pm. I understand the science of half life in caffeine, but with only 25mg of caffeine in my system at that time, I was curious if that would make a difference? I have been unable to find any articles online that explain how *little* caffeine....
  • 25 days ago

    Stomach and lower back pain.

    Hello. I’ve been having some stomach pain and lower back pain. I also have been very weak and shaky. Always tired and just don’t feel like me. Has anyone experienced this before or might have an inclination of what’s going on??
  • 1 month ago

    Ashwagandha & Blood Thinner Interactions

    I have had two heart attacks, one very severe with 3 arteries 100% blocked & 4th 65% blocked. However I avoided any type of surgery. I am at a crossroad right now. I have become quite weak and tire pretty easily. My general cardiologist suggested that I take a supplement "ashwagandha' for 15 days, stop for 15 days and keep alternating. However my cardiac surgeon says that 'ashwagandha' interferes with blood thinners & thus will put me at risk. Question is "Does Ashwagandha....