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  • 1 hour ago


    I just found out I have an appt with my cardiologist for EMR Groin Check reason tee I have a few days before. What is EMR Groin Check? I know EMR probably means electronic medical records. but whats the groin check mean?
  • 12 hours ago

    Blood pressure and pulse goes up and down drastically

    I am 30 years old with anxiety issues but do not take any medication for it. The last few months I've started having chest pains especially when I have anxiety attacks. I bought a blood pressure and pulse reader so I could keep an eye on it. I've been checking it every few hours while awake. During the day my blood pressure stays extremely low averaging around 88/55. I've been told by doctors before that I have low blood pressure so this doesn't surprise me. My pulse averages around....

  • 12 hours ago

    AFib and congestive heart failure

    I had a dual chamber pacemaker implanted in 2016 due to chronic AFib. I have been in AFib since August, but the pacemaker is working. My question is this. Do I still have the chance of developing CHF because of my chronic AFib?
  • Can slight gas manifest as chest, jaw and arm pain?

    Hello, I am a 32 year old male in relatively good health. For the past several months I've been experiencing a dull aching pain in the left lower portion of my jaw with a simultaneous dull aching in my left arm which tends to be felt on the inner forearm. It will generally last a few minutes at a time and will sometimes come in waves. A few times I felt pressure in my chest as well. I am 100% positive it is not musculoskeletal as it is not relieved by re-positioning, nor is it initiated by any....
  • 1 day ago

    Nuclear Stress Test Results??

    nuclear stress test showing small mild apical reversible defect; resting left ventricular ejection fraction of 64%; means what? and I have a left bundle branch block as well... angiogram scheduled for next week
  • 3 days ago

    Heart palpitations and air burping

    I am according to my Dr. a very healthy, 6 2 150 lb, 47 year old male. Although he says my arms and legs (36 in inseam) are a little long and my heart has to work hard to get the blood out to them, little else is wrong with me, but maybe some mild asthma and allergies. So he says I may have some kind of heart thing where it skips a beat or whatever, can't recall the name (right?) but he said probably nothing to worry about but I can do an echo if I want. He said it would probably just make me....
  • 3 days ago

    Rapped pulse rate of 106

    Im concerned my husband has been resting in bed for 1 hr took his pulse and it reads as 106 dies he need medical attention NOW?
  • 4 days ago

    Anxiety, High BP

    Went to ER yesterday due to severe anxiety. Had all tests run and had negative results thankfully. Sent me home with Atarax and advised to follow up with DR. I'm concerned because my heart seems to be fluttering still and it causes my arm shoulder to twitch. Should I be worried?
  • 4 days ago

    Angiogram Without Iodine Contrast Dye?

    Background: I recently had a heart CT scan. Before the exam I told the doctor that I had a severe allergy to iodine dye. They gave me an allergy prep and told me it should prevent an allergic reaction. It didn't. I had a severe allergic reaction as soon as the test was over. My heart stopped and chest compressions were required to bring back a pulse. The CT scan images showed extensive coronary artery disease. Question: If I were to need cardiac catheterization and a stent to widen the coronary....
  • 4 days ago

    Death of a 25 year old

    My son was 25 years old and just passed away. On his death certificate they had it listed as an enlarged heart. What kind of things could have caused this and what would type of test would a medical examiner run to determine what caused his death?