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  • 28 days ago

    Fibro progression???

    I got diagnosed (more than once) in 1999 with Fibromyalgia. Slowly but surely I have learned to live with it but it does change your life and I watch every little thing become a "CHRONIC" issue with me BUT last month I woke up with a strange foot pain, it was very odd and did not feel like FMS. I just dealt with it BUT then a week or so later it was also in my other foot and this concerned me. I went to doc and of course its more than likly a flair up but again it felt weird, not FMS like....
  • 29 days ago


    Can someone with a long history of fibromyalgia develop severe chronic itching without rash? I've tried everything topical and pills with no relief. No rash, dry skin, lesions, etc. No allergy reactions.
  • 1 month ago

    Lyrica caused swelling

    Merry Christmas. I was rx'd Lyrica for Fibromyalgia and other medical issues. I took the medication and I had horrible swelling in my extremities that was the most serious side effect. There were others they possibly would have resolved with time. The ER Doctor insisted I stop the med immediately. So I had two days of bad experiences.
  • There’s now a test to prove positive for fibromyalgia

    For those of you who are long time sufferers and those of you fighting for a diagnosis of some sort there is now a test that proves positive or negative for fibromyalgia and a trial of a vaccine that is supposed to reverse the symptoms. Miraculous? That’s what I thought. I took the test and have positive proof and I’m now eligible for a trial of a vaccine that supposedly has no side effects-it’s been used for illnesses that only appear in developing countries inchildren with no adverse affects. Of....
  • 1 month ago

    Fibromyalgia Flare-Up

    Hello! I just recently got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after about two years of dealing with this horrid pain. The burning sensation all over my legs and arms is killing me, it’s safe to say a flare-up is going on. How do you manage flare-ups, please someone with more experience help me. I have not found a single thing that has helped.
  • 1 month ago

    I have no idea what's wrong with me

    Hey guys, I’m hoping that someone may be able to help me understand a pain that I’ve been having for 3-4 months now. I’m a 31 year old male. The pain is a stabbing/tender pain under my left pectoral muscle bordering on my armpit, and is there most of the time at varying degrees. At times it’s also accompanied by nausea (felt in my throat), occasional headaches, neck, shoulder and middle back pain. I also have ankle pain most of the time in both ankles and a bad right wrist (wrist is most likely from....
  • 1 month ago

    Just venting

    Hello, I self-diagnose with Fibro after my Dr. didn't find "anything wrong" with me and wrote "Stress" in my file, telling it doesn't matter to write a diagnosis, it's all about the same (classy...) I see a psychiatrist, he's brilliant, I see him since the burnout I had in 2001. He manages the mental issues that come in the Fibro package, and tries to help with the pain as well. But my main issue at the moment is that I feel very lonely. People around here (I live....
  • 1 month ago

    New to fibro

    Hello I am 26 and I have just be diagnosed with fibromyalgia after 10 years of in pain. Now I have just started seeing a new guy and well he’s amazing love him to bits but my issue is with my condition is will it affect it me in years to come will I get worse? I don’t know and that’s stressing me out physical therapy doesn’t work baths make me lock up the only thing that seems to work is my painkillers now and then but I dont want to rely on them if people know what I mean. It’s all new and well....
  • 2 months ago

    Fibro Fatigue

    Hi all, I have been dealing with FMS for 20+ years and thought that I was coping pretty well. Earlier this year I had a bout of Shingles and since then I am experiencing regular periods of Fatigue - real down and out take away the brain and body function fatigue. Does anyone know of a way of at least relieving this fatigue when it happens. I would dearly love to get rid of it, but I would imagine that is just a pipe dream, but something to reduce the symptoms would be great. Thanks Eileen
  • 2 months ago

    It's criminal

    Hello , I'm so sorry about your pain. I, totally, understand you when you say, "I have to mentally prepare for hugs". We now live by 3 of our grandchildren. When we lived hours away, I was able to visit them, for days, and then looked forward to going home. People are always telling me that being near our grandchildren is so great, I should be happy. FM has robbed me of joy, of dignity of even wanting to live until tomorrow. I get up every day hoping to not hurt, hoping for joy, etc....