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    Heightened Senses and heat/skin hypersensitivity

    I wanted to give a brief introduction about myself. My name is Mark. I am a 30 year old male living with fibromyalgia. So I feel the soreness and tender points related to this condition, however that is the least of my problems. What is most bothersome is the lack of compassion and understanding with the co-symptoms. Bright lights, loud noises (sirens, music volumes, people yelling, babies crying etc), and the intensity of smell causes severe discomfort. I live in New York and on one of the hottest days on the train i smelled at least 40-50 conflicting body odors at once and I thought I was gonna pass out. Summers are the worse. What people perceive as 90 degrees feels like 110 degrees to me; the pollen count is so high and dust tends to accumulate more in my room this season, if I brush up against dust welts form. I also go to massage school and I’ve learned it causes a wide spectrum of symptoms that can mimic other conditions. I’m also gay and men especially have no empathy regarding my condition. Because this mostly affects woman I haven’t met another gay male who suffers from this. I feel sad and lonely. I have lost almost all of my friends because they never listen when I tell them the symptoms I feel. They often forget, some have made jokes about it, one calling me a hypochondriac. So they will blast music, badger me into traveling to them on the most scorching days. In regards to the hypersensitive skin I layed on my friendship bed and got swollen landing in the ER. He also never bothered to visit me, even check up on me the day after. I told the remaining 2 people I know as a safety precaution because they are not good on the upkeep of their house, to visit me instead since my room has reduced lighting, white noise makers, and hypoallergenic linens. They have yet to even visit me. Doctors, also unkind. The day I was pale and swollen from the allergic reaction, knowing my diagnosis of fibromyalgia in the ER, were playing it off that i was hallucinating and I was healthy with my normal skin complexion. They said it’s all in my head and have me an outpatient referral to psyche. I had to pay out of pocket to see my family doctor who’s staff I’ve known my entire life to tell me. You look really really pale and unwell. I broke down and cried because i finally felt as peace knowing I was not crazy and the doctor who wasn’t treating me was just unkind. I just want to talk. I get lonely and I just want to know if any other patients get the irritation to heat, prone to allergens, absence heightened senses. This condition displays differently amongst each person regarding symptoms.


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    I am so so sorry to hear that you have been treated so horribly wrong. I have had FM for over 40 years and it's sad to hear that the way we are treated doesn't seem to be getting any better. I have lived with it long enough and some friends have hung in there long enough to know that we are not faking this illness. Because we look "normal" it's hard for people to see that we are hurting. I am also extremely sensitive to sounds, smells, lights, touch as you are. Try and get some time for quiet meditation...I used to go sit in a library when I lived in a big city and didn't know what else to do. Meditation DOES help between the times we meditate too, because we can call upon that calm feeling. Please give it a try. And, yes, doctors can be just as insensitive as anyone else as far as reacting to our issues. Read everything you can on FM and try somethings to see what might help you. Sleep is so SO important, don't try to just get by with a few hours. Friends that are being jerks...get rid of them! They will either come back and try to understand and be of help or you don't need that kind of "friend." I told my doctor... in front of the people in the nurses station... that she was not helpful to me and in fact was belittling me and didn't know the current correct help for people with FM. I am looking for a new physician. Good luck to you!!!