• 5 months ago

    Fibro pt with new dx of RA

    Today @ my routine Dr appt I got the results 2 my RA Factor which was drawn last mo. It was 126! My Dr came in with sort of a puzzled look & asked, "you've never been diagnosed with RA b4?" I knew rt then the news wasn't good. Little did I realize the factor # would be so extremely high! Back in Dec '04 I was dx with Fibromyalgia/CFS. After yrs of dealing with this chronic dz, in Nov '10 I was finally deemed disabled, after not working nearly 2 yrs in the medical field, all I'd done 4 nearly 20 yrs, all I knew. 5 mos ago, I was dx with Pseudo Gout & now? My biggest fear, Rheumatoid Arthritis. I couldn't believe, along with my dr, just how high that factor # was 2day! So now, I've been referred, of course, 2 a Rheumatologist. I rly don't know what 2 expect. Even tho I've been out of 'the game', medical field, I have heard of Humira & Xeljanz, but, honestly, I just don't know enough about either rx. I don't know much of anything about 'biologics'...not sure how well they wrk, or the side effects. Can anyone out there with RA give me some tips, some advice of what to expect? My biggest fear was confirmed 2day. RA, & with a factor # already that high, I shudder 2 think just how long I've had this not knowing, or simply excusing it away as worsening Fibro. I sure got the concrete answers 2day tho 4 the extreme added symptoms I'd been having ovr the past couple yrs. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanx! Carmen


  • 4 months ago

    RE: Fibro pt with new dx of RA

    I'm new to message boards. This is my first post ever. Read your post and thought, Wow! This sounds exactly like me! I was so anxious to read what others had to say in reply to you. This is a ghost town.
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        I know! I was hoping 2 get some insight from a webmd msg board, but nope! Ur the very first person 2 say anything @ all. Sometimes I go on My Fibro Team, I think is the exact name. You'll def find it not 2 b a "ghost town"...lol. good luk! Thanx 4 the reply